Tired of unqualified applicants?

What would it mean for you to have a better way to Source Skilled Talent with Intentional Change for Talent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

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We know how much time is wasted wading through unqualified applicants and hundreds of resumes.

Resumes that have been curated to look like a job description but do they really have the skills?

So we built a custom translation platform that translates experience into a skills profile and then matches employers and candidates on true skills.

No resumes.

No searches.

No applying first.

True candidates matched to the needs of the organization. Unlimited jobs so employers can create a steady pipeline of unlimited candidates and see how each candidate fits across the organization.

Talents ASCEND is the AI-Powered Talent Sourcing platform committed to intentional inclusivity so underserved talent from the military, disability and justice-involved communities can ASCEND and businesses can grow successfully.

We are the beacon of intentional change for talent diversity, equity and inclusion.

Find out how you can start matching with the right talent today! No more wasting time scanning resumes, screening unqualified applicants and missing out on diverse talent with the skills you need.

Let CATE, our Career AI Talent Equalizer, and our team work for you.

Using AI to be inclusive, CATE matches candidates to careers based on:




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Looking for new talent for your organization? With unlimited jobs and unlimited candidates, you can build a proactive pipeline of talent, matched on skills, location and salary, across the organization, instantly.


Avoid turnover by allowing current employees to find opportunities to advance internally, which can help improve retention or find a lateral realignment that is a better fit for their skills and passion.


Reduce unemployment costs, maintain a positive brand and provide an instant opportunity for displaced employees to realign within your organization or connect with new employment without a resume or job board.

We are NOT a pay per job service or direct hire agency.

We empower businesses to build a successful talent strategy as an investment in their business.

Transform experiences for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers with technology that enables them to focus on skilled talent with diversity, equity and inclusion.

Elevate your diversity talent acquisition to amplify your competitive advantage.

Intentional Inclusivity

Removing barriers to entry related to translating skills, translating experience to a resume, bias associated with gender, ethnicity, age, disability or background.

Skills Matching

Task based approaches are antiquated. Employers need to focus on what skills are needed to do each job and be matched directly to candidates with those skills.

Candidates vs Applicants

Employers don’t hire recruiters so they can spend time digging through applicant databases. They hire recruiters for their expert ability to engage with candidates.

Instant Connections

To the right talent for your business. Priority matching to military veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities, and justice-involved /second chance. 

Internal Alignment

Realign existing employees to new positions within the organization. Provide internal opportunities and better utilize their skills to promote from within rather than incur turnover.

No Applying First

Removing the barriers of applying first or applicant tracking systems before the interview, ensures inclusivity and gives diverse talent, opportunities to use their skills for career success.

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