Solving Talent Sourcing Challenges

Companies have recognized that skills-based practices are a powerful solution to talent sourcing needs in their business. Is your business growing? Looking to connect with military veterans, military spouses, people in the disability or justice-involved talent pools? A skills-based approach saves time, resources, and money while fostering a more diverse, inclusive and better-prepared workforce. 

With unlimited career profiles, you can build a proactive pipeline of talent, matched on skills, location and salary, across the organization, instantly.

With unlimited candidates, reduce time
to hire while increasing the quality of
your hires.
Improving morale, productivity and retention. 

A Concierge Acquisition Manager (CAM)will be aligned with your organization as an outsourced recruiter to manage the platform and save time.

Choose a Skills-Based Sourcing Model

Connect with the Right Talent with the Right Skills

Not Imposter Applicants

The Best Candidates

Skills-Based Sourcing = Higher Retention & Less Turnover

With all the time and money you invest in talent, you want the right match. Skills-based sourcing focuses on the technical and soft skills needed to successfully perform the responsibilities of the job. Skills-based sourcing is simple. Simplicity lowers the barrier to entry by increasing the number of people who can participate. CATE delivers the matches to our members — no searching required on their part. Our Team sources candidates throughout our network and monitors the match rate for each member to ensure successful return on investment.  


Capable of identifying exact matches on skills, location and salary.

Improved Sourcing

Unlimited candidates matched to careers across the organization.

Interview Success

Skills-based conversations. Better onboarding.
Improved retention.

Return on Investment

    Better productivity. More innovation. Reduced Costs. Increased Profits.

Ready to make a change in how you find talent?
Join the other employers that have made the move. 

How to translate Jobs to Skills (not tasks)

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Five Tips to Skills-Based Hiring

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The Cost of Recruiting vs Sourcing

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