The Cost of Your Current Talent Sourcing

Compared to the $14 per day for Talents ASCEND®*

*The average cost per day for a membership with Talents ASCEND® starts with our base model for solopreneurs and franchise businesses with less than 10 employees. $25 a day for businesses with less than 25 employees. $42 a day for businesses with less than 100 employees. $58 a day for businesses with less than 200 employees.  

Solving Talent Sourcing Challenges

Our impactful connections through a model of skills-based talent sourcing will provide cost-effective and efficient results that will give your business the time and talent to grow.

Time is valuable in a small business. The cost of your time is far too great and better spent on other areas of growing your business. Would you rather – spend an hour a day writing a job posting which fails to reach enough job seekers? Spend another hour inundated with applicants that fail to meet your minimum requirements? Only to spend more time chasing qualified applicants who drop out of the process without notice or reason (ghosting)?

OR – Spend that time bringing in revenue, getting new clients and growing your business.

With unlimited career profiles, you can build a proactive pipeline of talent, matched on skills, location and salary, across the organization, instantly.

With unlimited candidates, reduce time to hire while increasing the quality of your hires. Improving morale, productivity and retention.

A Concierge Acquisition Manager (CAM) will be aligned with your organization as a fractional recruiter to manage the platform and candidates.

Choose a Skills-Based Sourcing Model

Connect with the Right Talent with the Right Skills

No Impostor Applicants

Only The Best Candidates

Skills-Based Sourcing = Higher Retention & Less Turnover

With all the time and money you invest in talent, you want the right match. Skills-based sourcing focuses on the technical and soft skills needed to successfully perform the responsibilities of the job. Skills-based sourcing is simple. Simplicity lowers the barrier to entry by increasing the number of people who can participate. Talents ASCEND® eliminates the unnecessary barriers in sourcing talent so the necessary skills may speak for themselves.

The CAM will be aligned to your company as a fractional recruiter. The CAM works closely with you and your internal team to learn the details of your hiring process and how your company is different from your competitors. Once the CAM has learned about the qualities, skills, credentials, and other pertinent details essential (or optional) for the job opening, they move into action. Managing all career information, reviewing the matches and communicating with candidates, taking the time to learn what makes an ideal candidate before scheduling an interview with your team.

Our proprietary Career AI Talent Equalizer (CATE®) translates a candidate’s experience into skills and delivers matches to each career — no searching required. Our Team sources candidates throughout our extensive network and monitors the match rate for each member to ensure successful return on investment.  


Capable of identifying exact matches on skills, location and salary.

Improved Sourcing

Unlimited candidates matched to careers across the organization.

Interview Success

Skills-based conversations. Improved onboarding and retention.

Return on Investment

    Better productivity. More innovation. Reduced Costs. Increased Profits.

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