Get the career YOU want with the respect YOU deserve.

No Resume. No search. No applying first. Direct connections to employers intentionally joining Talents ASCEND to find YOU. Matched on your skills and valued for who YOU are.

Free for everyone – with priority to our Service Members, Veterans, and Military Spouses, People with disabilities and Justice-involved/Second chance.

The beacon of intentional change for talent diversity, equity and inclusion


No resume. No search. No applying first.

We do not pull jobs from the internet or an employer’s job board. We match you directly with employers. Hiring managers or decision makers who are intentionally looking for your skills.

Removes barriers and bias.

Employers use our service to be very intentional about hiring diverse talent to break these barriers:


Communication and culture gap between job seekers and employers


Ability of both candidates and employers to match and translate skills, qualifications, and experience to job requirements


Underserved job seekers are uncertain as to how to plan, what to do, where to go, and who to turn to for guidance on establishing a career path and finding meaningful civilian employment.

AI-powered Talent Sourcing


Capable of identifying exact matches quickly and efficiently.

Improved Sourcing

Unlimited candidates matched to the needs of the organization with the exact skills needed for the job.

Interview Success

Better onboarding.
Improved retention.

Organizational Match

Unlimited job profiles – see a candidate’s fit across the organization.