Talents ASCEND® is the beacon for skills-based hiring, changing the way small businesses make hiring decisions with impactful connections to underserved, and untapped talent through a proven skills-based approach to talent sourcing.

Our Career AI Talent Equalizer (CATE®) translates a candidate's experience into skills while the candidate adds their location preference, salary requirement and education/certifications to create their skills profile. CATE® then matches candidate profiles with member (employers) careers, all managed by our Concierge Acquisition Manager (CAM - fractional recruiter) for the human engagement and ultimate success.

Candidates can edit their profiles, to include their interests and traits, as they could be interested in an opportunity outside of their current role or previous experience but that matches their skills.

Focusing on skills, places an emphasis on helping underemployed, underserved, and passive talent with career mobility. This is the majority of the labor market.


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Skills Based Hiring

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