Talents ASCEND is the beacon for skills-based hiring, changing the way small businesses with less than 300 employees make hiring decisions through impactful connections to underserved, and untapped talent with a proven skills-based approach to talent sourcing.


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Robyn Grable is the Founder and CEO of Talents ASCEND, Inc. and Veterans ASCEND, now part of The ASCEND Collective (501c3). Through her ongoing study of America’s workforce, she is a leading voice on advocacy, removing barriers and bias, skills-based hiring and providing connections to successful employment for our underserved talent pools. Along with other awards, she was recently named among the 2023 GSA Women of Influence and a 2023 Veteran Champion of the Year in Corporate America. 

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The Beacon: June 2024

The Beacon: June 2024

Summer is a season that bursts with warmth, both from the sun and the company of loved ones. It is a time when families and friends come together, free from the rigors of school schedules and the hustle of everyday work life. This break in routine offers a unique...



Why a Skills Based Model is Best

Why a Skills Based Model is Best

Robyn GrableFounder and CEO of Talents ASCEND In its list of top workplace predictions for 2023, consultancy firm Gartner said “skills-based hiring rather than degree requirements will dominate at successful companies.”  According to McKinsey, “hiring for skills is five times...

Win with Skills

Embracing Skills-Based Hiring

What do you truly know about skills based hiring? Why is it becoming the process that large organizations are trying to replicate? Join Talents ASCEND’s CEO and HR Expert, Robyn Grable, for the answers to these questions and more.