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Robyn Grable is the Founder and CEO of Talents ASCEND, Inc. and Veterans ASCEND, now part of The ASCEND Collective (501c3). Through her ongoing study of America’s workforce, she is a leading voice on advocacy, removing barriers and bias, skills-based hiring and providing connections to successful employment for our underserved talent pools. Along with other awards, she was recently named among the 2023 GSA Women of Influence and a 2023 Veteran Champion of the Year in Corporate America.

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The Beacon: November 2023

The Beacon: November 2023

November is National Military Family Month. Since its declaration in 1996, this special month has served as a reminder of the challenges that military families face every day. It wasn't until many years after I served in the Navy and stationed in Keflavik, Iceland...



Employers are missing out on the talent our military service members, veterans and spouses, people with disabilities and justice-involved bring to an organization. We remove the barriers and bias.

How In-House Teams Benefit from Outside Recruiting

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