Our Core Values

Integrity – Mission-Driven – Service-Oriented – Build Lasting Relationships –

Lead with Purpose – Inclusive – Think Big
Our entire staff is personally connected to the communities we serve, military, diversesability and justice-involved. It’s personal integrity for us. We are a mission-driven organization. We are service-oriented and steadfast in advocating for underserved talent to ensure they have opportunities to get to an interview without the barriers, discrimination and bias. We build lasting relationships by changing the way small businesses connect with the right talent they need for their business. We lead with purpose to change the narrative to a skills-based model for a more inclusive hiring process. We Think BIG impact for small businesses.

  • Our Staff is a Veteran or Military Spouse 100% 100%
  • Active Duty – Military Spouse on staff 50% 50%
  • Staff also connected to the Disability and Justice-Involved Communities 95% 95%

Our History

The ASCEND brand was born in 2018 in Simpsonville, SC as Veterans ASCEND. Recognizing that Veterans often struggle with transition, creating resumes, and were often rejected by applicant tracking systems, this platform was designed for Service Members and Veterans to match with employers without the use of resumes.

Recognizing the challenges that our Military Spouses face as a result of constant permanent change of station (PCS), history gaps on resumes, and unconscious and conscious bias, the Veterans ASCEND expanded in 2020 to include the entire Military Family.

In 2022, the platform expanded once again, this time as Talents ASCEND. The platform itself was given the name CATE, Career AI Talent Equalizer and opened to the entire career seeking population. While the focus remains on our underserved communities; service members, veterans, military and veteran spouses, military dependents 18 and older, first responders, those with different abilities, and justice involved individuals, we also wanted to be the future of hiring for the entire US population.

As the Talents ASCEND Corporation works with employers and candidates, we wanted to make sure that we continued a role of advocacy within our community. With this in mind, The ASCEND Collective was established.

Ability ASCEND’s mission is to normalize the experience of successful employment among the disability community. We know this talent pool happens to have disabilities but also have numerous gifts, talents, interests, and innovations to share to improve the community as a whole.

The ASCEND Collective is the non-profit division of the ASCEND brand. Within the non-profit division is Veterans ASCEND, Ability ASCEND, and Mission 2 ASCEND.

Veterans ASCEND was created to minimize the communication and cultural gap between military job seekers and employers, assist with translating the skillsets of a military occupations, and guiding our military and veteran families into successful careers and meaningful civilian employment.

Mission 2 ASCEND is our most recent addition to The ASCEND Collective. It’s focus will be assisting justice involved individuals with finding viable employment after time away from the workforce.

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