Why Hire Veterans?

Why Hire Veterans?

Advantages of Hiring Veterans

When looking for someone to fill your talent needs, take time and consider hiring a Veteran. All too often Veterans are overlooked for positions they apply to because many hiring managers don’t understand how their skills transcend industries and the value Veterans bring to organizations. Your company will reap several benefits when you recruit and employ Veterans.

Veterans have many skills they’ve developed during their military service that make them perfect candidates for employment:

  • Attention to Detail – The military trains servicemembers to be able to pay particular attention to the details which translates to reduced errors on the job.
  • Loyalty (i.e. employee retention) – Loyalty is ingrained into each servicemember. Most Veterans will carefully choose the company they work for, work hard, and stay with the company for the long haul.
  • “Mission Mindset” – Veterans see the “bigger picture” and their role in it. No matter what your company sells, whether it’s a product or service, Veterans know that their job is a necessity to ensure the company’s mission is accomplished. Additionally,Veterans go above and beyond the job description to ensure the mission is accomplished.
  • Leadership is woven into the culture of the military. Veterans start at a low rank, and work their way up to important leadership roles to develop and train their team members.
  • Problem Solving – In the military, every single day was an opportunity to solve some kind of internal or external problem or issue. Whether it be a social issue within their unit, an administrative task that required delegation, or perhaps dealing with conflict, problem solving comes as a second nature to many prior servicemembers.
  • Toughness – The military doesn’t retain weak recruits; basic training is difficult, and weeds out those who complain, give up, and don’t believe in themselves or the mission. Veterans know how to stay mentally tough in difficult situations and stay calm under pressure.
  • Teamwork – Veterans from each branch are taught the essentials of how to work effectively with others in their unit and other military organizations. This translates in civilian positions as well such as helping their coworkers succeed, customer service, and clear communication with vendors and clients.

Hire a Veteran today!

Having a successful company means hiring the right people to make it work. When you hire a Veteran, you are investing in an individual who has already been trained to work well with others by some of the most elite organizations in the world.

We can help you find the veteran with the skills you need. Visit our employer-dedicated website at Employers.VeteransASCEND.com and learn more.

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