The Beacon: July 2023

The Beacon: July 2023

July is the month of Freedom. Our nation’s freedom and celebrating our independence at the forefront of our minds when July rolls around. Other freedoms are celebrated this month as well.

With our mission here at Talents ASCEND, to be the beacon of talent diversity, equity and inclusion, we advocate every day for people to have the opportunity for a great career based on their skills. Free from judgement on who (gender), where (ethnicity or background), when (age) or how (school, military or life) those skills are earned.

As a Navy veteran who raised her right hand to protect our freedom, and a granddaughter who wants to join the Navy, I decided to ask her what freedom means. I wonder if her answer will surprise you. One thing is for sure, we should not think freedom is free and we cannot take it for granted.

Freedom. It’s a simple, seven-letter word, yet its definition is so versatile. It’s the reason the United States of America partook in a seven-year-long war against the strongest country in the world, then split in half and fought itself. It’s why Harriet Tubman risked her life on the Underground Railroad and the Bill of Rights was written. It’s why the Holocaust disgusts us and tyrants come to represent devilish evil. We seek freedom. We crave freedom. We need freedom. 

Then why, since we love freedom so much, do we struggle to define it? What does it actually mean? And why do some people seem to fear it so much?

The latter is easier to answer- control is definite, certain. Being in control feels powerful, and being powerful satisfies the person in power. Freedom is the exact opposite of control- it defies it. And defiance threatens to put the person in power out of it. 

The first question is another simple one. While freedom is just a word that remains constant, the act of freedom is so complex and varied. Freedom could be as small as an exemption from a specific tax or as large as an entire nation rebelling against an oppressive government. So, the spirit of freedom stays constant, but the definition of it varies widely from person to person. 

The second question, however, is the most difficult one to answer. Freedom could mean many things to different people. For example, a dictator might think of freedom as a disciplined society controlled by a single person- themselves. A citizen underneath that tyrant, who’s been lied to and told that freedom is their controlled life, might also think that. But an American who has known freedom all their life would probably see freedom in another way. 

Personally, since I fall into the last category, I see freedom as a safe place to share ideas and opinions without a fear of being oppressed by another individual. It’s an area to just live how you’d like to live and not worry about race, or gender, or way of life. It’s a place where everyone can fulfill their dreams and think independently. 

Some people might not believe what I believe about freedom (Adolf Hitler definitely wouldn’t). Others would agree with me 100%. Still others could take my idea of freedom and run with it- creating an entirely new definition. There’s so many possibilities. 

So I guess the real question is, what does freedom mean to you?

​By P. Cost

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