The Beacon: December 2023

The Beacon: December 2023

December is a month of many things. Religious holidays, the remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor, National Fruitcake Month and National Read a New Book Month. Universal Human Rights Month. The end of a past year and the wish for the new year to be merry and bright.

A time to reflect and a time to look forward to all the possibilities. December can be a very difficult month for those who are struggling with financial stress, mental health, missing loved ones, and a myriad of other reasons the holidays are not joyous ones for them. For those who are more fortunate, please find a way to give back as this year comes to a close. Even the smallest gesture will make a huge impact.

As we reflect on 2023 as a company, it’s been a year of learning. We can’t wait to make 2024 the best year ever as we take what we learned this year and put new things into practice.

We wish everyone peace and hope this holiday season. Here’s to a prosperous, healthy and joyous 2024!

Thank you to Paul Lawrence for allowing us to share our mission of supporting underserved communities.

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Career Benefits of Prioritizing Family and Relationships

Nila Thompson

In the fast-paced world of professional development, conventional wisdom often suggests that focusing solely on one’s career is the key to success. However, a closer look reveals that there are numerous benefits that may be gained by giving attention to family and relationships. In fact, prioritizing these important aspects of life can enhance an individual’s career trajectory.

First, investing time and energy in family and relationships fosters emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Strong family bonds provide a foundation for developing empathy, effective communication, and conflict resolution – skills we begin to develop by observation at a young age and that are invaluable in any professional setting. When individuals develop a support system within their families, they gain the resilience needed to navigate professional challenges. Employers often appreciate individuals who can navigate complex social dynamics with grace, making you a valuable team player and leader.

Additionally, focusing on family creates a work-life balance that is crucial for sustained career success. Burnout, an overwhelming exhaustion, feelings of cynicism and detachment from the job, and a sense of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment, is a pervasive issue in today’s competitive workplaces. Those who prioritize family are more adept at managing stress and maintaining a healthy equilibrium. This balance not only contributes to personal well-being but also leads to increased job satisfaction, motivation, and productivity. Good employers recognize the importance of a content and fulfilled workforce, and such individuals are often seen as assets to the organization.

Family life often demands strong organizational and time-management skills, qualities that translate into the professional realm. Juggling familial responsibilities requires planning and efficient use of time, honing an individual’s ability to meet deadlines and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. These skills are even more proficient within our military families and the spouses that care for the homefront. This adeptness in time management can make you a more reliable and efficient employee, standing out in a world where productivity is highly sought after.

The benefits of prioritizing family and relationships extend far beyond the confines of personal life. By nurturing strong familial bonds, individuals acquire essential skills, maintain a healthier work-life balance, and build a foundation for long-term professional success. In a world increasingly recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, the focus on family and relationships emerges not as a hindrance to career aspirations but as a strategic advantage that can propel individuals to new heights in their professional journeys.


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